Driving safely is important any time you are behind the wheel of a car, whether you are in a parking lot or on a major highway. Residential areas require you to be even more careful because there are often children, pets and other members of the neighborhood walking, playing and riding bikes. Many people are harmed or killed every year by people who are speeding or not paying attention when they drive through residential communities carelessly. Drive safely in a residential area by staying alert to your surroundings, obeying the speed limit and not getting distracted while you drive.

What is Rat Running ?

Rat running, or cut-through driving, is using secondary roads or residential side streets instead of the intended main roads in urban or suburban areas. People do it to avoid heavy traffic, long delays at traffic signals or other obstacles, even where there are traffic calming measures to discourage them, or laws against taking certain routes. Rat runs are frequently taken by motorists familiar with the local geography. They will often take such short cuts to avoid busy main roads and intersections. The term may have arisen from associations with the rat race or from similarities between the driving routes used and those taken by rats running through a maze.