Hello Councillor ....................
          My name Is Don Hill and I am writing you again concerning my Campaign (50 kph is Too Fast) and the recommendations from the Crosswalk Advisory Committee that you will be dealing with in March.
         Last year I contacted all Mayors and Councillors in Nova Scotia for support and to bring attention to the need for reduced speeds in our neighbourhoods. I then sent my findings to Premier Dexter. The Provincial Government agreed that it was time to look at this again and hired Dillon Consultants to do a study on the safety benefits of reduced speeds in our neighbourhoods. I requested HRM Council to send a letter supporting the study, which they did. The Study has been completed and reviewed by the NS RSAC and presented to the 4 Deputy Ministers and is now with the Steering Committee. The Study results should be presented to HRM Active Transportation Advisory Committee in March.
            There is no one solution that is going to correct all the issues with road safety. Posted speeds should reflect what makes sense and 50km/h for residential streets does not!  The same can be said for our Downtown areas. There needs to be more regard shown towards where pedestrians live and gather. A good example is our own Dartmouth Crossings which has a posted speed of 40km.
           The other recommendation that I would like to comment on is "Redefining the Traffic Authority's mandate to reflect more than Cars".
          In a report that was presented to Mayor Savage and Council March 3rd, 2013 from Ken Reashor and Deputy Chief Bill Moore, page 11, paragraph 23 "Halifax Regional Police Divisional Commanders review speeding concerns submitted by HRM Councillors and/or citizens and utilize the Speed Sentry to gather data to determine if vehicles are actually speeding or whether it is a perception of speeding."
            If residence feel unsafe in their neighbourhoods because of traffic speeds then the vehicles are going to fast and it should not be written off as perception!
            A letter from Mayor Kelly and Council sent to the Honourable Bill Estabrooks March 29, 2012. states "The actual speed of traffic may not be illegal, but is deemed inappropriate given the prevailing conditions. Lower residential speeds will create a safer walking and driving environment for all road users."
          This letter was supported by the Mayor and Council. For the past several years the citizens of HRM have been told by the Traffic Authority that lower posted speeds can not be done because the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act will not permit this. The Provincial Government is on side now and will permit lower posted speeds.
          Redefining the Traffic Authority's mandate is a must if Halifax is going to progress to a "Healthy and Livable Community."

         Thank you for your time,
Share the Road and have another day,
Don Hill