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Caroline Samponaro 
Deputy Director
Transportation  New York City-- 

Our mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives

The Low Posted Speed Limit Study- recommends that Nova Scotia allow posted speed limits lower than 50km/h

The Nova Scotia Road Safety Advisory Committee has agreed to further study the issue by means of a pilot project which would evaluate several trial sections posted at 40km/h to determine the effectiveness of lower speed limits. As of May 2015 1 street in Bible Hill and 2 in Halifax.

Decades of CARCENTRIC design presents a significant challenge to Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure

The actual speed of traffic may not be illegal, but is deemed inappropriate given the prevailing conditions. Lower posted speeds will create a safer walking and driving enviroment for all road users.

- Mayor Kelly and Council in letter to the Province


We just have to remember that it's real people who are out there walking and biking and in cars and those real people really feel it when a collision happens.'- Janet Barlow of the Ecology Action Centre

Jennifer McGowan, Youth Active Transportation Coordinator - "Posted speeds should reflect what makes sense" !

Driving Facts

At 50km your reaction and braking distance is about 115ft. in ideal conditions.

The risk of pedestrian death at 50km is 70% - At 40km it is 15-25%

36% of Canadians "admit" to using their cell phone while driving

Don't use residential streets as a shortcut. People in a hurry do this. Resulting in speeding, accidents and an unsafe environment for those who actually live in the neighbourhood.

Crosswalk  Safety -         Instead of blaming the other person how about drivers and pedestrians owning the 50/50 that you are! Drive to the conditions of your environment and not your schedule! . Streets should be a No Phone Zone for all. Looking both ways before crossing the street has always been great advise along with defensive driving of assuming that person may step out and scanning under parked cars for feet.

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Please support safer neighbourhoods for all road user. Contact your Councillor if you want lower posted speeds for your street.

Follow 50kph is too Fast

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